Observations & Map

We provide an interactive map of the 2021 summer survey – which displaysin a separate browser window. Use mouse drag to pan and scroll, mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Green dots indicate healthy trees, black trees are dead, gray are in apparent decline, with substantial loss of foliage in the bottom two-thirds of the tree, and (frequently) sparse foliage at the crown. In our survey, we did a complete census of the middle section – about 60 trees. We then surveyed two other sections assessing all trees within 60 feet of the trail. DBH, height, and DMR – the dwarf mistletoe rating system (see figure at bottom of this page).

Note that hemlock density and decline are highest in the northern forest, diminishing towards the south. Click on the image below

Hemlocks (healthy, diseased, dead) in the middle of Seward’s forest.

We also provide a searchable and sortable table of all measurements on the trees, also opening in a new browser window. Click on the image below.