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Wild Isle in the City: Tales from Seward Park's First 100 Years

Wild Isle in the City explores more than a century of natural and human history in Seward Park, Seattle, home to the old-growth Magnificent Forest. With emphasis on environmental history and the ethnic diversity of park users, Wild Isle tells the stories of the Lake People and many waves of immigrants, spawning peamouths and nesting eagles, park visionaries and real estate swindlers, urban development and conservation. A community of contributors has created an intriguing and visually stunning homage to the park they love. SOLD OUT. Limited copies available through the Seward Park Audubon Center or Third Place Books.

Cherries, Lanterns, and Gates, 3rd Edition

Cherries, Lanterns, and Gates tells the story of Seattle’s Japanese-American community through the lens of Japanese cultural items in Seattle’s park system. The first Japanese immigrant arrived in Seattle the same year that the park system was created in 1884. Historical markers, gardens, cherry trees, lanterns, cranes, gates, sculptures and other features in more than 25 Seattle parks help tell the story of Seattle’s Nikkei community through immigration, farming, discrimination, diplomacy, World War II internment, sister-city relations, civil rights activism, and international space exploration.