Help us monitor sword fern die-off with time-lapse photography

With advice and approval from Seattle Parks, yesterday I installed the first of two photo monitoring stations in the Magnificent Forest. The time-lapse (still at an early stage) can be viewed here. This photo, from the website, shows how it works: take a photo with your smart phone, and email it to the address on the sign. This photography post is at the intersection of the sqebeqsed and Windfall trails.

Here is our sign:

What we have lost: sword ferns on the Hatchery Trail

February 13th, 2022: Sword ferns, what we have lost, what we are still losing; what we are still trying to figure out. I will update the February photo come June to provide a better comparison, but keep in mind that sword ferns are green all year long, and are now simply missing along much of this trail– dead and gone. (pshannon)

The Hemlock Graveyard

February 12th, 2022: Hemlocks, what we are losing – from the CHOOSE 180/FoSP summer project.

February 11th, 2022: The map is the product of 6 weeks of data collection last summer – focused on Western Hemlock decline and death in Seward’s old-growth forest. The project was led by FoSP, staffed by super competent interns from CHOOSE 180, and funded by a small Department of Neighborhoods grant. The photo above – the “Hemlock Graveyard” – is from the cluster of black and gray dots at the top of the map.